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IBPS BANK EXAM FREE STUDY Questions and Answers (Data Base Management System) : Computer Awareness MCQs Test - 46

1.  Mechanism developed to enforce users to enter data in required format is:
(a) Data validation
(b) Input mask
(c) Criteria
(d) Data verification

2. The raw facts and figures are:
(a) Data
(b) Information
(c) Snapshot
(d) Reports

3. The feature that database allows to access only certain records in database is:
(a) Forms
(b) Reports
(c) Queries
(d) Tables

4. Which filter method lets you filter the records that match the selected field?
(a) Filter by form
(b) Filter by selection
(c) Auto filter
(d) Advanced filter

5. Which filter method lets you filter records based on criterion you specify?
(a) Filter by form
(b) Filter by selection
(c) Auto filter
(d) Advanced filter

6. In the relational modes, cardinality is termed as:
(a) Number of tuples.
(b) Number of attributes.
(c) Number of tables.
(d) Number of constraints.

7. Relational calculus is a
(a) Procedural  language.
(b) Non- Procedural language.
(c)  Data definition language.
(d) High level language.

8. The view of total database content is
(a) Conceptual  view.
(b) Internal view.
(c)  External  view.
(d) Physical View.

9. Cartesian product in relational algebra is
(a) a Unary operator.
(b) a Binary operator.
(c)  a Ternary operator.
(d) not defined.

10. DML is provided for
(a) Description of logical structure of database.
(b) Addition of new structures in the database system.
(c) Manipulation & processing of database.
(d) Definition of physical structure of database system.

11. You can display data from multiple tables by using
(a) Page break
(b) Sub form
(c) Columnar form
(d) Tabular form

12. What is the best data type for a field that stores mobile numbers?
(a) Text
(b) Number
(c) Date/Time
(d) Memo

13. What field type is best to store serial numbers?
(a) Number
(b) AutoNumber
(c) Text
(d) Memo

14. Which of the following field type is used to store photograph of employees?
(a) Memo
(b) Picture
(c) OLE
(d) Photo

15. Which of the following method can be used to add more tables in a database?
(a) Design View
(b) Table Wizard
(c) By Entering Data
(d) All of above

16. In tuple relational calculus P1 ®P2 is equivalent to
(a) ¬P1 Ú P2
(b) P1 Ú P2
(c)  P1 Ù P2
(d) P1 Ù¬P2

17. The language used in application programs to request data from the DBMS is referred to as the
(a) DML
(b) DDL
(c) VDL
(d) SDL

18. A logical schema
(a) is the entire database.
(b) is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts.
(c) describes how data is actually stored on disk.
(d) both (A) and (C)

19. Related fields in a database are grouped to form a
(a) data file.
(b) data record.
(c) menu.
(d) bank.

20. The database environment has all of the following components except:
(a) users.
(b) separate files.
(c) database.
(d) database administrator.

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