Saturday, 28 November 2015

IBPS Bank Clerk Mains : Banking Awareness Quiz - 27

1. Which bank recently opened a representative office in Dhaka to grab the opportunities emerging from improving bilateral relationship and trade between India and Bangladesh.
a) HDFC Bank
b) Axis Bank
c) ICICI Bank
d) SBI

2. State Bank of India recently to defunct airline Kingfisher – has declared _____ as wilful defaulter after its grievance redressal committee rejected the arguments made by the borrower through its legal representative recently.
a) Vijay Mallya
b) Siddhartha Mallya
c) Vittal Mallya
d)Irfan Razack

3. CRR is required to maintain in the form of _____?
(a) Approved Government Securities
(b) Cash with RBI
(c) Cash with bank
(d) All the above
(e) None of the above

4. Samiran Chakraborty has been appointed as Chief Economist of ______.
a) Citi Bank
b) Federal Bank
c) ICICI Bank
d) SBI

5. Which of the following methods is currently used in India to issue note?
a) Percentage Reserve System
b) Fixed Fiduciary System
c) Minimum Reserve System
d) Proportional Reserve System

6. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
a) ICICI-1956
b) IDBI- 1964
c) IFCI- 1948
d) SIDBI- 1988

7. First Indian bank to open overseas branch?
a) Bank of India
b) Punjab National Bank
c) Bank of Baroda
d) Bank of India

8. Nationalization of banks took place in India in how many phases?
a) 2
b) 1
c) 3
d) 4

9. Which public sector bank of India is the first fully Indian bank, established by the Indian capital?
a) Bank of Baroda
b) State Bank of India
c) Central Bank of India
d) Punjab National Bank

10. Which among the following statement is incorrect about SEBI?
a) Capital market regulator
b) Mutual fund regulator
c) Regulates the credit rating agencies in India
d) None

11. Indian Depository Receipt (IDR) is the
a) Proof of an Indian company’s share
b) Is an unsecured money market instrument
c) Proof of ownership of foreign company’s share
d) Proof of earnings or profits of Indian Companies

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