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Exam Review : RBI Grade B Officer Exam Review: Held on 22nd Nov, Morning shift

RBI Grade B Officer Exam Review

Held on 22nd Nov, Morning shift

Quantitative Aptitude

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate Level

Best attempt: 13-16 Questions in 30 mins

Data Interpretation: Calculative Problems (15 Questions)

Data Interpretation questions are Moderate type and time consuming.1 Pie chart, 1 Case study and 1 Bar chart questions were asked.

Number series: Easy to Moderate Type (5 Questions)
3 Number series Questions and 2 Missing number Questions were asked.
Most of the questions are Easy to moderate and 2 of them are little calculative & time consuming. Most of the questions are from our quizzes and study material provided at meritmock.

Application Problems: 10 Easy types of Questions were asked from this. Most of the questions are from quizzes and study material provided at meritmock.

Logical Reasoning

Difficulty: Moderate Level
Best attempt: 32-36 Questions in 40 mins
Mathematical Operation:  5 Easy types of questions

Syllogism: 5 Easy types of questions
3 statement problems were asked and in that 3 questions are based on direct conclusions and 2 of them are possibility type questions.

Seating Arrangement (Blood Relation): 5 Moderate to Time Consuming type  Questions were asked. We have heard some of our students saying, Questions posted in is helped me a lot.

Linear Type question: 5 moderate questions are asked in “facing Opposite to each other” type.

Puzzle Test: Easy problems (8 Questions).

Statement and Assumptions: 5 Moderate level Questions.

Data Sufficiency: 5 Easy to Moderate level Questions.

General English

Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate
Best attempt: 20-22 Questions in 20 mins
Sentence rearrangement: 5 Questions
Moderate to tough type of questions were asked from this type.

Jumbled Sentence: 6 jumbled sentences were given with 5 questions and each questions having 5 options. So, you can neglect an option from the question by forming logical structure of the paragraph.

Spotting error: 5 Questions were asked (Easy to Moderate level)
We have heard most of our students saying, Materials provided in Circle and Extreme Circle was very helpful to face these questions. You can get 4 out of 5 questions easily.

Comprehension: Moderate Questions. (10 Questions)
Time consuming comprehension Paragraph. True or false Questions, theme of the paragraph questions were quite moderate. Synonyms and antonyms questions are little difficult.

Cloze test: easy Level (5 Questions). 

Fill in the blanks: easy level (5 Questions)

General Awareness

Difficulty: Easy Level
Best attempt: 48-52 Questions in 30 mins
Most Number of the questions were asked from GK and Current Affairs Part compared to Banking questions.
55% of the Current Affairs questions were from the daily current affairs posted in our website
Those who were not given much importance to Current Affairs section may felt this part as difficult level.

Students, who read our Current affairs posts regularly, said that MERITMOCK predicted most of the current affairs questions asked in this Exam.

Best attempt:

Section Appreciable attempt Considerable attempt
Quantitative Aptitude 13-16 Questions in 30 mins 10-12 Questions in 30 mins
Logical reasoning 32-36 Questions in 45 mins 27-32 Questions in 45 mins
General English 20-22 Questions in 20 mins 17-20 Questions in 20 mins
General Awareness 48-52 Questions in 25 mins 39-45 Questions in 25 mins

Attended 140 to 155 questions in 120 mins is appreciable.

Attended 120 to 133 Questions in 120 mins is considerable.


All the best! Team mm.

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