Saturday, 7 November 2015

Current Affairs Questions and Answers : Quick Revision

1. Who was appointed as next Chief Justice of India ?
Ans- Justice T.S Thakur

2. Who became first female jockey to win Melbourne Cup ?
Ans- Michelle Payne

3. Who has won the first prize at the 2015 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Prize ceremony ?
Ans- All India Radio’s (AIR’s) Programme on child labour titled Nilkkam Ivarkkoppam

4. Reserve Bank of India has fixed the public issue price at ....... per gram for the sovereign gold bonds ?
Ans- Rs. 2,684

5. Balance Nail 16-01 is joint military exercise of which countries ?
Ans- Nepal and USA

6. Which country was hit by the rare and historic cyclone Chapala, recently?
Ans- Yemen

7. Which country has imposed national emergency due to internal security issues, recently?
Ans- Maldives

8. Which internet gaints is starting the ‘Project Loon’ in India?
Ans-Google (to provide low-cost internet access to rural areas of India

9. Omar al-Bashir, who recently visited India is the President of the which country ?
Ans- Sudan

10.Who was the author of the book ‘Advantage India-From Challenge to Opportunity’?
Ans- APJ Abdul Kalam book was co-authored by Srijan Pal Singh

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