Friday, 6 November 2015

Computer Awareness MCQs Test - 33 (Computer Fundamentals MCQs)

1.    Which is not the main architectural feature of Power PC:
a.      It is not based on RISC
b.      Superscalar implementation
c.       Both 32 & 64 Bit
d.      Paged Memory  management architecture

2.    Alpha AXP is developed by:
a.      DEC
b.      IBM
c.       Motorola
d.      Intel

3.      Which is not the main feature of DEC Alpha:
a.       64 Bit RISC processor
b.      Designed to replace 32 VAX(CISC)
c.       Seven stage split integer/floating point pipeline
d.      Variable Instruction length

4.      Which is not the open-source OS:
a.       Debian
b.      BSD Unix
c.       Gentoo & Red Hat Linux
d.      Windows

5.      ISA stands for:
a.       Instruct set area
b.      Instruction set architecture
c.       Both a and b
d.      None of these

6.      RISC stands for:
a.      Reduced Instruction set computer
b.      Reduced Instruct set compare
c.       Reduced instruction stands computer
d.      All of these

7.      DEC stands for:
a.       Digital electronic computer
b.      Digital electronic corporation
c.       Digital equipment corporation
d.      None of these

8.      How many architectural paradigms in microprocessor:
a.      2
b.      3
c.       4
d.      6

9.      Which are the architectural paradigms in microprocessor:
a.       RISC
b.      CISC
c.       PISC
d.      A and B

10.  CISC stands for:
a.      Complex instruction set computer
b.      Camper instruct set of computer
c.       Compared instruction set computer
d.      None of these

11.   PC’s use____ based on this architecture:
a.      CPU
b.      ALU
c.       MU
d.      None of these

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