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Bank Jobs IBPS Free Study Material : Input and Output - computer notes

Dear Readers. We are going to share you IBPS Free Computer Knowledge Notes for your better Bank Exam Jobs preparation about list of basic Input Devices, Output devices and  Both inputoutput devices  related to computer.

A Computer System is more than just a Computer. It is a combination of “components working together to perform a specific task”. When these components are attached to the Central Processing Unit than a user can perform task, from playing movies, listening to songs, playing games, preparing your assignments in MS word, or browsing the internet. We call these components as Input and Output Devices. Without these input / output devices, a computer is just a dumb machine that can't operate effectively and efficiently to perform a specific task. But before discussing the various components of a Computer System, i-e the input / output devices and storage devices,In this article, we are going to discuss the input / output devices of a computer system. Here is the basic idea of input and output devices and how they are different from one another.

Difference between Input and Output Devices

Input and output devices performs two types of operations in a computer system. Input is any data that we send to a computer for processing. That can be an image from a Digital Camera, or some letters types via keyboard in a word document. Output is the result of the data we can see through some output device like a picture displayed by the Monitor, a word documented printed by a printer etc.

Input Devices

An input device feeds data to the computer system for processing. Here is a list of input devices of a Computer System. We are going to discuss the most commonly used input devices in this article. Input System- An input device is a peripheral or piece of computer hardware equipment, which is used for providing data and controlling signals to an information processing system (Computer).

1. Keyboard: It is human interface device, which is represented as a layout of buttons. Each button or key could be used to input linguistic character to a computer for particular functions.

2. Pointing Devices (Mouse & Trackball): These are any human interface devices that allow users to input spatial data to a computer. Eg: mouse, trackball, Glidepad

3. Game Devices: The motion of cursor is controlled by joystick or arrow buttons (Game Pad)

4. Pen Input: It is especially used in Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). It is used for Data input, Pointing Device, and Command Gesture etc.

5. Touch Screen: The touchscreen enables the selection by just touching the screen.

6. Digitizers and Graphic Tablet: The Tablets have Special Command for the conversion of drawing and photos.

7. Page Scanner: It works like copy machine and captures whole image for converting to the digital image.

8. Hand Scanner: It can move across document or picture. It can capture only a section of a page or a large image.

9. Bar Codes: It is used at the retail shops to track inventory and calculate the sale at the checkout counter.

10. Optical Character: It uses letters or special characters that are especially shaped t be easy for the machines to read.

Complete List of Input Devices used in Computer System:

a) Graphics Tablets

b) Cameras

c) Video Capture Hardware

d) Trackballs

e) Barcode reader

f) Digital camera

g) Gamepad

h) Joystick

i) Keyboard

j) Microphone

k) MIDI keyboard

l) Mouse (pointing device)

m) Scanner

n) Webcam

o) Touchpads

p) Pen Input

q) Microphone

r) Electronic Whiteboard

Output System- An Output System is computer hardware equipment, which is used to communicate the result of data processing system.


1. Printer: A printer prints the content on the monitor onto a paper. The speed of a printer could be measured in character per second (cps), line per minute (lpm), and page per minute (ppm). The quality of prints can be measured in DPI (Dot Per Inch).

There are two types of printer: 

Impact Printer
a) Dot Matrix Printer
b) Daisy Wheel
c) Chain & Band Printers

Non Impact Printer
a) Inkjet Printer
b) Thermal Printer
c) Laser Printers

2. Screen (Monitor): The Monitor is a screen on which words, numbering, and graphic could be seen. The device that displays computer output has various names comprising
a) Screen
b) Monitor
c) Visual Display Terminal
d) Cathode Ray Tube
e) Visual Display Unit
f) Liquid Crystal Display

a) Monochrome
b) Color
c) CRT
d) LCD
e) Plasma Screens

Complete List of Output Devices used in Computer System:
a) Monitor
b) Printers (all types)
c) Plotters
d) Projector
e) LCD Projection Panels
f) Computer Output Microfilm (COM)
g) Speaker(s) 

Both Input–Output Devices:
1. Modems
2. Network cards
3. Touch Screen
4. Headsets (Headset consists of Speakers and Microphone.
5. Speaker act Output Device and Microphone act as Input device)
6. Facsimile (FAX) (It has scanner to scan the document and also have printer to Print the  document)
7. Audio Cards / Sound Card 

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