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Bank Jobs Clerk : IBPS Reasoning Quiz 52

Logical Reasoning (IBPS Clerk)

1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and form a group. which is one that does not belong to that group?
(a) Mountain          (b) Fort          (c) Hil            (d) River           (e) Sea

2. In a certain code BOARD is written as CNBQE. How is CRIME written in that code?
(a) DSJNF            (b) BQHLD       (c) DQJLF            (d) BSHND             (e) None of these

3. If the positions of the first and sixth letters in the word CULTIVATOR are reversed, the position of the second and the seventh letters are reversed, and so on, which of the following will be second from the right end after the rearrangement
(a) T             (b) O            (c) L             (d) V              (e) None of these

4. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so from a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that rearrangements?
(a) Bus         (b) Train                 (c) truck    (d) wheel          (e) None of these

5. Pull is Related to push in the same way as low is related to
(a) medium       (b) High          (c) more        (d) wheel        (e) None of these

6. In a certain code MEAN is written as 8964 and NOBLE is written as 47529 How is LOAM written in that code?
(a) 2768          (b) 2758          (c) 2968       (d) 2468          (e) None of these

7. Red is related to stop in the same ay as Green is related to
(a) colour      (b) paint       (c) Lamp        (d) start           (e) None of these

8. How many such pairs of letter are there in the word SECURITY each of which has as many letters between then in the word as in the English alphabet?
(a) None         (b) One          (c) Two         (d) Three           (e) More than three

9. If it is possible to make only one meaningful word with the first, the third, the fourth and the sixth letters of the word LEARNING, using each only once, which of the following will be the third letter of that word ? If more than one such word can be formed give Y as the answer and if no such word can be formed, give Z as the answer.
(a) I             (b) R            (c) A             (d) Y                      (e) Z

10. Four of the following five are alike in a certain ay and so from a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
(a) lotus         (b) lily               (c) Rose        (d) Marigold                 (e) petal

1 (b)      2 (c)      3 ( a)     4  ( d)    5 ( b)
6 ( a)     7 ( d)     8 ( d)    9 ( d)    10 ( e)

1. Others are natural.

B        O     A       R      D
+1    -1      +1    -1     +1
C       N       B      Q      E
C      R     I       M       E
+1    -1    +1    -1     +1
D      Q      J       L      F

C U L   T    I   V   A    T   O   R
V  A    T   O    R   C   U   L    T   I
Hence, the second letter from right end in the new arrangement is T.

4. Other are means of Transportation.

5. Here, the first word is the antonym of the second.

6. Look at the following table which shows the letters and their respective codes:
Hence, the code for the word LOAM will be 2768.

7. According to the traffic rules, Red signal indicates step Green signal indicates start.


There  are only three such pairs.

9. Here the specified letter are L, A, R and I. The meaningful words formed with these letters are as follows:
(i) LAIR
(ii) LIAR
(iii) RAIL
(iv) LIRA

10. Others are different types of flower.

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